Monthly Archives: February 2013

A La Mode

A La Mode. I recently photographed about 150 people eating ice cream. Why? Because everyone loves ice cream. And regardless of who you are, ice cream allows us to appreciate the moment. Day or night, dish or cone, everything is better a la mode.

Jane, chocolate

Momoka, chocolate







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Here we go! (again)

At long last, I have surrendered to the inevitable… blogging.

In the past, when beginning a journal, I’m generally in complete denial. In that moment, I genuinely believe that I will in fact be regularly and frequently updating said journal to reflect current thoughts, feelings, etc. This never happens. Decades go by without an entry. But that won’t happen this time, so I won’t even mention it.

The digital diary you are reading now will remain current with new information. (Unless it doesn’t.)  It’ll include personal projects, commissioned gigs, and inspired endeavors, among other random stuff.

Good luck everyone. Here we go.