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Wise words from Tina Dupuy

Read the the latest column by Tina Dupuy, editor-in-chief of the the Contributor.
Perfectly put, as always.


Guns for kids? Really???


Please read this…
5-Year-Old Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister in Kentucky

In case you weren’t aware… there are a few companies out there who make guns specifically for children. What?
Yes, you heard it correctly. Keystone Sporting Arms makes guns for 5 year old kids. Their tag line is “My First Rifle.”
Just ask the Sparks family from Kentucky. 5 year old Kristian, who received the fun little weapon as a gift, shot his 2 year old sister Caroline in the chest. She died.

The family said they kept the gun in a corner and they didn’t realize that there was a bullet inside it. Oops.

Is it surprising that a kid with a gun is going to accidentally shoot another person? No, of course not.
Why? Because kids like to play, remember? They’re kids.
Moral? Don’t play with guns; someone is going to die.

I’m very sure there are thousands of pro gun folks out there who are thinking, “that would never happen in our house, we’re very safe with our guns, and we teach our kids to not to play around with them.”

Newsflash: That’s what the Sparks thought.