When I was a kid, my dad made photos of me learning to walk. Black and white prints with a Nikon F.  Those images suggested something beyond the actual frame: a story, a connection, a relationship. Eventually my dad gave me his Nikon and today those photos continue to inspire me.

Currently my work spans a variety of genres including travel, documentary, commercial and recently a lot of portraiture. What ties them together is the process. For me it’s always about relating to another person or place and exploring that relationship. I’ve learned that it requires patience. And presence. It’s always about Time and what we choose to do with it.

I live in LA with my wife, toddler, two cats and rescued dog.
My son, Sullivan, learned how to walk last year; it’s all very well documented.

website: gregcohenphotography.com.
email: gc@gregcohenphotography.com Arizona014small

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