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Farewell to Arms panel discussion

FTA Panel Discussion

Check out the panel discussion inspired by the Farewell to Arms installation at The Angel Station in Santa Monica.
Here’s the video filmed and edited by Neil M. Paik.



Farewell to Arms – Panel Discussion


Farewell to Arms – Press

Here’s a link to a bunch of press…

ABC’s Fusion Network interview…

Listen to the KPCC interview here…

KPCC interview

Interview with Marko Kulik

Please take a minute to check out this interview with Marko Kulik at

Essentially my feeling is we’re on the wrong track in a lot of areas… the environment, international conflict, the gun issues, etc.
We’re going in the wrong direction.

The solution is not a matter of teaching our children how to cope with a cruel world.
Rather we should be teaching our children how to make the world a better place.
We’re entirely missing the point and it’s all kind of heartbreaking.


Guns for kids? Really???


Please read this…
5-Year-Old Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister in Kentucky

In case you weren’t aware… there are a few companies out there who make guns specifically for children. What?
Yes, you heard it correctly. Keystone Sporting Arms makes guns for 5 year old kids. Their tag line is “My First Rifle.”
Just ask the Sparks family from Kentucky. 5 year old Kristian, who received the fun little weapon as a gift, shot his 2 year old sister Caroline in the chest. She died.

The family said they kept the gun in a corner and they didn’t realize that there was a bullet inside it. Oops.

Is it surprising that a kid with a gun is going to accidentally shoot another person? No, of course not.
Why? Because kids like to play, remember? They’re kids.
Moral? Don’t play with guns; someone is going to die.

I’m very sure there are thousands of pro gun folks out there who are thinking, “that would never happen in our house, we’re very safe with our guns, and we teach our kids to not to play around with them.”

Newsflash: That’s what the Sparks thought.


KPCC interview about the Gun Project

Please tune in to my interview with Alex Cohen on 89.3 KPCC about the anti-gun project. Airing between 9 and 11 this morning.

Taking Aim

The new series is underway. Click the photo below to visit my site and see some of the portraits from the collection.



A new collection of 20 images are soon to be released. Here’s a little teaser…